Revision to Token Economics

Revision to Token Economics

The U.S. stock market has seen a surge in Cryptocurrency-related stocks today as Bitcoin hit over $42,000, its highest in 2023. The rally was likely driven by optimism about potential U.S. interest rate cuts and expectations for the approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Bitcoin rose by 4.1% to $41,649. Analysts believe ETF approval could significantly impact investment appetite due to improved regulation and ease of investment. These positive developments along with GameFi experiencing continued growth and adoption, lead us to believe that GameFi will be one of the big winners leading this next bull-run.

In the spirit of these developments, we're going to initiate the next stage of our marketing strategy to increase adoption by distributing the $CAH tokens to distinguished gamers, respected influencers, esteemed guilds, and our cherished community. This initiative is a vibrant kickstart to raise awareness for the captivating world of Moon Tropica that is be driven by various features like play-to-earn (P2E), the incorporation of NFTs, and the integration of financial tools into the gaming experience. We extend an open invitation to anyone who can contribute to expanding our outreach.

We will continue to concentrate on development while fully involving the community in supporting $CAH as the native in-game currency. This involves sharing $CAH with the most valued contributors in the gaming and crypto communities. It's our way of expressing gratitude and ensuring the community plays a pivotal role in our journey to obtaining millions of players.

We have made the following modifications:

  • FDV reduction to approximately $2,000,000 (at the time of writing)
  • Total supply reduction to 3,500,000 $CAH

We are confident that this initiative will significantly elevate brand awareness and attract a substantial influx of gamers to Moon Tropica, gearing up for its highly anticipated public launch in 2024.

Further modifications will put into play in the near future:

  • Renounced contract (a permanent disable of admin functions)
  • Redistribution of liquidity across multiple chains and decentralized exchange pools

These changes are of a permanent nature, irreversible once implemented. Consequently, a thorough examination and careful consideration are imperative before undertaking this commitment.

How this will affect current holders?

Current holders will have the same amount of tokens with no price impact. Anyone who is holding $CAH now will have a larger percentage of the total supply. USDT raised in the current liquidity pool will go towards funding the initial liquidity across multiple chains and pools. Since the supply will be reduced dramatically, we can expect liquidity to grow as time elapses and token holders increase.

How this will affect our team?

Our team will not directly capitalize on the price of the token but rather on the growth of the community. This allows us to stay focused on building versus trying to maintain the price of the token. By doing so, our community gains the advantage of owning a valuable asset which is adopted by the masses, aligning with our core mission of achieving players across the globe.

How do we fund development?

First, we'll utilize transaction fees from accessible pools, although with some pools locked indefinitely, we will remain in control of secondary positions. The idea is to strategically deploy initial pools to earn fees without having to add taxes or excess code to the smart contract. By also taking advantage of the entire supply circulating at a low FDV, we expect increased trading volume and revenue across many liquidity pools. Additionally, we're exploring the sale of equity as we distribute $CAH to individuals with significant audiences allowing us to gain necessary awareness. This not only helps us financially but also attracts attention to our game development studio, pushing us closer to realizing our grand vision.

Entitlement for $CAH allocation

  • Gamer with social media following on YouTube, X or other platforms
  • Crypto trader or influencer with a big audience on YouTube or X
  • Part of a well known gaming guild or NFT community
  • $CAH must be sent to a transparent ENS or SNS address on Ethereum/Solana
  • Holders will have to prove their social status by mentioning Moon Tropica prior to receiving $CAH
  • Priority will be given to liquidity contributors

Our Expectations

Our strategy is designed to spark excitement about $CAH and Moon Tropica’s immersive gaming world. We plan to showcase the distinctive aspects and rewards of both the token and the game, aiming to generate a buzz that not only captivates but also thrills our players, nurturing a dynamic and active community. We anticipate that $CAH holders will become key advocates, spreading the word about Moon Tropica, sharing our assets, and most importantly – engaging actively in the game!

How it Will Work

The following wallets cahmunity.eth and cahmunity.sol will be used for distributing $CAH to qualified parties. Everyone who is participating will require an ENS (Ethereum) or SNS (Solana) attached to their wallet address for transparency and the sake of fairness.

How can I participate?

Becoming part of the team requires an invite from someone who is already part of the community or you can drop us an email:



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