Official Ambassador Program

Official Ambassador Program

Moon Tropca is dedicating a large sum of $CAH to distinguished members in both the gaming and crypto industries whose vision resonates with our approach to gaming/crypto and are genuinely excited about our unique value proposition. This initiative is to help boost brand awareness to the first GameFi project to make crypto great again!

Our team continues on its mission to grow the community and build on our success through organic means only. With that said, we are excited to announce that we are opening up an application process for influential crypto and gaming figureheads to become  Official Moon Tropica Ambassadors.

Organic community growth in crypto is optimum for several reasons. Firstly it allows for a more stable and sustainable ecosystem to develop. Rapid and unsustainable growth can lead to speculative bubbles, volatility and an increased risk of scams and fraud. Secondly, organic growth provides a stronger sense of trust and credibility within the community, as participants join based on genuine interest rather than the fear of missing out on quick profits. This enhances long-term commitment and engagement. Thirdly, measured growth allows our team to address challenges and scale the infrastructure in a more controlled manner. Overall our community growth approach enables us to promote innovation, inclusiveness and pursue a healthier and more reliable ecosystem for all participants.

Within crypto it's easy to get distracted and move from one token/coin to another without considering ramifications on the community or token . We are an anomaly to the jeet and degen attitude/behavior. Our CAHmunity has been holding the floor for months in anticipation of our first release event. With a vision on the long term success while building through the bear, we're looking to attract notable members in the space with influence and mutually aligned interests.

If you are interested in what we are building, we invite you to apply for our Ambassador program below.

How It Works

  • Apply to become an ambassador using this form
  • If you qualify, we will send you an offer.
  • Qualification is based on several parameters including duration of relationship, willingness to participate, etc - more info will be disclosed for worthy applicants
  • Your involvement in relation to Moon Tropica will be published on our list of Ambassadors and we will continually include you in all marketing assets

The allocation of $CAH will correlate with your reputation, philosophy and actualized reach.

How To Qualify

  • Have an engaged social following on X (fka. Twitter), YouTube, Twitch or other media platform.
  • Review our assets and support the Moon Tropica vision
  • Have the capability of curating targeted posts weekly while supporting and liking new MT posts
  • Willingness to contribute/engage and get involved with our growing community
  • Be genuinely excited about what we're building 😎

What We Are Offering

  • Compensation in $CAH tokens
  • A custom 1 of 1  NPC in your likeness
  • Continuous flow of content/assets and updates to share
  • MT engagement for all your social posts
  • Open communication and involvement on future strategies
  • Inclusion of your brand within the Moon Tropica ecosystem
  • Ability to participate in discounted fund raising rounds

What We Expect

  • Mentioning of $CAH and Moon Tropica once per week
  • Ability to curate a positive post bi-weekly based on the $CAH chart
  • Reposting/Retweeting of posts and announcements
  • Combating of FUD in socials when available
  • Spreading of positivity within the CAHmunity


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