Bridge to Arbitrum

Bridge to Arbitrum

We are excited to announce that $CAH can now be traded on the Arbitrum One L2 network! We have opened several pools and will continue to add liquidity as we see a rise in demand.

$CAH Contract Address on Arbitrum One


$CAH Contract on Ethereum Mainnet


Multi-Chain Thesis

Multi-chain liquidity is a pivotal driver for both adoption and scaling in the world of cryptocurrency. This integration approach allows networks to coexist and interact seamlessly, offering users a wider range of options and reducing network congestion on just Ethereum.

Why Arbitrum One?

The typical transaction fee for swaps on the Ethereum network averages around $10 USD, whereas on Arbitrum One, it's a mere $1. By moving liquidity to the network we open ourselves up to more volume and token accessibility.

The Arbitrum One network provides scalability without sacrificing security and is based on optimistic rollup technology. It relies on off-chain computation to process transactions quickly and efficiently, with a subsequent on-chain verification process to ensure security and validity. This approach enables Arbitrum One to achieve high throughput and low fees while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum's smart contracts and ecosystem.

How to Bridge

Bridging is fairly simple. You can follow the steps below to take your existing $CAH over to the Arbitrum network.

Visit the Arbitrum Bridge at:

Select CAH from the dropdown menu, ensure Ethereum is selected as the primary network (top) with destination as Arbitrum (bottom).

Proceed to enter the amount of CAH you want to move over to the Arbitrum network and proceed to click the Move Funds to Arbitrum button at the bottom.

Once you click the button you will see a prompt asking you to pay an approval fee. This is a one time fee to approve the transaction. Future transactions should not incur this fee.

After confirming and approving transactions through your wallet, allow sufficient time for the tokens to arrive onto the Arbitrum side.


By having multiple chains in play, $CAH holders will now have greater flexibility in representing the blockchain that best suits their specific needs, whether it be for trading or latency to support a seamless token utility in Moon Tropica. This not only enhances the user experience but also allows for a sense of inclusivity by accommodating different preferences and requirements. Additionally this bridge reduces bottlenecks and congestion on individual blockchains, ultimately leading to faster transactions and lower fees, which we believe is crucial for mainstream adoption. As a result, the synergy of supporting multiple chains contributes to a more resilient, efficient, and accessible ecosystem that is better positioned to meet the demands of a rapidly growing user base and various use cases, ultimately propelling the industry forward.



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