The Moon Tropica Core Values and Beliefs

The Moon Tropica Core Values and Beliefs

Moon Tropica has set out to be a GameFi project driven by the community. When $CAH was launched six months ago with a market cap of $20,000, it presented a significant opportunity for everyone to participate in something with a remarkable upside at a very early stage. Had you known about it and invested a mere $200 at the beginning, your investment would have grown to over $9,000 by now! This impressive growth demonstrates the potential for substantial returns and highlights the progress of Moon Tropica, even in a bearish market... While many other cryptocurrencies suffer from tremendous losses ranging upwards of 99%, we are happy to showcase the value of early participation and the exciting possibilities that can arise by cultivating a loyal community and a fundamentally strong project.

We believe in building and sharing the growth of Moon Tropica entirely with our community.
-Winston Graham

We don't pay for advertising.

We are aiming to build a reputable brand without relying on crypto advertising methods. Our innovative product and disruptive approach has already attracted "The CAHmunity" and continues to attract enthusiasts based on word-of-mouth publicity, leading to organic brand awareness from fanatics anticipating the upcoming demo launch.

We have a strong belief that paying for crypto advertising often leads to a misalignment of interests. The fundamental ethos of crypto revolves around decentralization, transparency and community-driven growth. However traditional advertising models rely on centralized platforms and intermediaries that may not share the same values as they are paid to promote.

Paying for advertising can create a dependence on external entities, compromising the independence and integrity of our project. It can introduce financial incentives that prioritize short-term gains over long-term sustainability. Instead, we've given ourselves the opportunity to thrive through organic growth, word-of-mouth and community engagement. The focus is to build trust, deliver value and generate genuine interest rather than relying on untargeted and tiresome paid advertising.

We decide with our holders.

Our commitment continues to lie with empowering the community to be involved in the decision-making process. In the interest of transparency, if we were to decide to run a large scale campaign we would look to involve our community so that all interests are aligned. Whether you have 50 CAH or 100,000 CAH, we'll always value your contribution to growing our brand.

We focus on building the best.

Building a triple-A game title is a complex and meticulous endeavor that demands a dedicated and talented team. From inception to release, every aspect of the game requires careful planning, creativity and technical expertise. While other GameFi projects focus on their token value and NFT sales, we have taken the complete opposite approach to create something people will play before even worrying about token integration. Our primary focus is on creating a captivating game that people will enjoy, rather than worrying about token integration initially. We firmly believe that by establishing a strong foundation and attracting a large user base, our $CAH token will naturally thrive as it becomes associated with a widely played gaming title. This, in turn, will enable us to seamlessly integrate the $CAH token into the game's economy at multiple levels.

The intentions of Winston and myself have always been to create the best GameFi project out there, and with the support of our CAHmunity, we are very confident that nothing can stand in the way of our success.



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