NPC Character Event

NPC Character Event

We are pleased to announce a thrilling NPC Character Genesis Event to energize the Moon Tropica community!

What is an "NPC"?

NPCs, or non-playable characters, are an integral part of the story line in Moon Tropica. Players will interact with your NPC at various points throughout the game and the character will be based on your own personal attributes.

The Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to be in a videogame? Now is your chance! In order to deliver a truly exclusive experience we will be offering community members their chance to have a fully bespoke character of themselves in Moon Tropica at no cost. We will be providing a character generation timeline that will inform our community of our progress as we custom make these characters.

Spots are limited for this event and we will be prioritizing our community members who can really help spread awareness to the masses. If you are a $CAH holder, you may lock up some of your tokens or burn to receive a higher priority for character creation.

How many custom characters will be made?

We estimate under 100 NPCs will be made at this time. This event will be very limited as each character requires meticulous and careful attention which exhausts many resources.

What you'll receive:

  • NFT proving character ownership
  • A custom animated telegram & discord sticker
  • Fully animated NPC character in Moon Tropica
  • Your characters may be included in future marketing assets
  • A map showing where your NPC will reside within the story line

Community At The Core

Moon Tropica has always been a community-centric project. While we are providing the framework, we anticipate the creativity and passion of our community to actively contribute to the continued creation of Moon Tropica and it's infinite storylines. Since we are building a game that WE want to play, it only makes sense to ensure that the community wants to play it as well. By empowering the community to feel involved at every step of the way we hope to ensure longevity for Moon Tropica.



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