Owned by the Community

Owned by the Community
Although Moon Tropica has a base concept of its own, the community will be an integral part to our success and ongoing development. We are building the entire ecosystem with cues from the community in order to create something everyone will want to play.

Moon Tropica was created by a collective of crypto curators and innovators that are passionate about retro gaming and deep community collaboration. Our aim is to bring a community together that wants to contribute and redefine the future of tokenized gaming while encouraging the adoption of crypto culture all in one package.

Why We Value Community

A strong community is critical to our success; they often reflect a bond of importance, social acceptance and a strong sense of belonging. Participating in a community composed of similar hobbies, attitudes, values and goals is an essential part of a fulfilling ecosystem that is enriched for future success.

Ultimately our community will give us the support necessary to help us deal with adversity through their involvement while also flourishing as we celebrate our success along the way. The team at Moon Tropica believes in the power of a strong community and has seen how it can be a significant force for driving the Web3 gaming industry forward.

Our goals are to properly incentivize and put power in our valued community. By letting them express their creativity, we ensure their contribution is recognized and implemented as we grow. By having this deep connection to our true supporters, their creativity will be able to infuse our ecosystem and can be a major key to constructing sustainability in our ecosystem. We grow this bottom-up ecosystem together.

How to Participate

We are looking to expand our socials as we grow and encourage everyone to join our community by following us on Twitter and joining our Moon Tropica Discord channel (Coming Soon) to become involved in our ecosystem. We will have several discussions related to but not limited to the following topics:

  • Discuss proposals
  • Learn about the stack
  • Contribute to the storyline
  • Contribute to future designs
  • Collaborate on the game engine
  • Talk to the team writing the code
  • Stay up to date on the latest developments

As we are a community centric project we will always look for ways to ensure your voices are heard and that you feel like you have had a part in the growth, development and success of Moon Tropica.

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