Why 2D is Much Harder Than 3D

Why 2D is Much Harder Than 3D

When it comes to 2D Animation, many unexperienced people make the assumption that it was much easier to create. This could not be the furthest from the truth and when it comes to “Traditional Animation” it's much more complex than 3D animation due to the fact that everything needs to be done frame by frame, and in certain cases even multiple view points depending on the style of game.

This concept alone requires the animator to have had years of experience in:

  • Anatomy
  • Physics
  • Drawing
  • Animation principles

All this knowledge and experience has to translate through the pencil. In current 2d and 3d animation, there are equal amounts of work that go into creating both modern-day practices of animation. Although different skills are required to create the artwork, the pipelines are relatively similar.

2D 3D
Different angles need to be drawn, along with its animation sequences. The camera can capture any angle once the object is rendered on screen.


Here are some points to consider with 2D animation and its main challenges.

Primary issue is that with 2D animation, it needs a repeated and challenging effort of drawing the character from multiple angles. In a simple platformer this doesn't pose a big problem however, in Moon Tropica we are dealing with much more than 2 directions.

When it comes to 2D animation, it’s almost impossible to animate with a rotating perspective and keeping the proper volumes and perspectives correct on the objects within the scene.

Another tricky element of 2D animation is that the character in the scene must match the perspective of the background, which is typically created by another artist. If the character being animated doesn’t match the background, the character appears to be floating and not connected in reality.

When it comes to 3D animation, the background is typically imported into the primary animated character’s file via a process called “referencing.” This guarantees the animated character and the virtual world they reside in are cohesive and blend together.

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